Free Colour Take Out Restaurant Menu

Called you on the phone – INFO

Phoned you from my cell – 289-780-0224

it’s regarding Popeyes chicken in the beaches We are publishing a new take out menu for them. They are allowing us to place full colour business cards in their menu

$$$$ For a biz card size ad on 5,000 Popeyes menus We have only two spaces left and i’m interested in closed up the menu so today the costs is $$$$.00 (before NOV)

Bonus FREE Beatles Record With $$$$ Purchase
Bonus FREE 15 sec Tv Ad With $$$$ Purchase

You can upload your scan of your full colour biz card here.
Samples of previous menus
What our new Menu Looks Like

We need your address
to send a copy of your ad printed in the menu
Order Form

This menu is being given to all customer of Popeyes chicken in the beaches, who order take out. Also all food delivery orders get this menu sent to 5,000 homes in the beaches

289-780-0224 (txt or call)

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